The Foundation Wash Less, Wear More
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The Foundation Wash Less, Wear More


Wash less, wear more

Always remember to wash your clothes as infrequently as possible.

Washing your clothes too frequently can reduce their quality while also placing strain on the environment and your money.

Instead of washing your clothes after each usage, consider airing and shaking them out properly, which will usually suffice for your clothes to be excellent for another wear.

Make it a practice to spot clean stains rather than using the washing machine.

Select environmentally friendly goods

Choose environmentally friendly laundry detergents instead of bleach and softeners to safeguard your clothes and the environment.

The advantage of eco-friendly detergents is that they are free of toxic ingredients and are just as effective as their traditional equivalents.

While softeners coat your clothes in a thin coating that can hinder beneficial qualities like breathability and moisture absorption, bleach can harm materials.

Natural Garment Drying

Always pay attention to the unique care labels inside your items, but aim to wash them at low (max. 30°C) or cold temperatures. Fill your washing machine to avoid wasting water and electricity, but don't overfill it because large loads can generate friction and result in badly washed or worn-out textiles. Remember to categorize your items according to their care requirements. Separate light and dark hues while keeping different textiles in mind.


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