All the activities currently offered by The Safe Zone Project are available for download, customization, and unrestricted use. 

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Ace Inclusivity

A lecture to help participants become more aware of and sensitive to asexuality.

Anonymous Q&A

This activity creates the opportunity to for participants to ask what they are most interested in with anonymity.

Changing Perspective

This tiny activity demonstrates how changing your perspective can make something look completely different!

Coming Out Story

An experiment in empathizing with a hypothetical person’s experiences, struggles, and setbacks with the lifelong process that is coming out.

Core Vocabulary

This activity focuses in on the essential vocabulary and LGBTQ terminology relating to gender and sexuality.

Demystifying Coming Out

A handout (and handy activity) for demystifying coming out as well as some easy do and don’ts when it comes to supporting someone’s coming out process.

F(earfully) Asked Questions

Creating an opportunity for people to ask the questions they’re afraid to ask — with less risk.

First Impressions of LGBTQ People

An activity that will provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on their first understandings and assumptions of LGBTQ individuals.

First Impressions of Trans* People

Activity for participants to reflect on their early lessons and impressions of trans* people and identity.


Using the Genderbread Person as a guide, the activity leads participants to understand the important difference between gender, sex, and sexual orientation.

Group Norms

Set your training up for success by beginning with shared group expectations.

Identity Signs

This activity focuses on what are our salient identities in particular circumstances. How do our different identities intersect, interact, and affect our daily lives.

Identity Time

An activity that provokes reflection on the different aspects of your life that would be altered if you identified with a different sexuality or gender identity.


An essential component to any workshop, intros are when participants learn a little bit about you, and you a little bit about them.

LGBTQ Umbrella

A mini explanation of queer, LGBTQ. A useful place to start helping folks separate genders from sexualities.

Participant Feedback

How to get feedback from your participants! Guaranteed.

Privilege for Sale

This activity helps participant investigate privilege by inviting them to identify what privileges they find personally important.

Privilege for Sale & Coming Out Handout

This combo activity invites participants to deeply engage with privilege and segues into a conversation about the coming out process.


An opportunity for participants to work through how they would handle particular situations regarding gender, sexuality and LGBTQ issues.


The best way to get better.

Vocabulary Extravaganza

An activity to get to know common (and some less common) LGBTQ related vocabulary!

Wrap Up & Feedback

To make the biggest impact it’s important to stick the ending.

Your Stereotypical Life Story

Highlighting the pervasiveness of stereotypes, as well as their inability to accurately tell individuals’ stories